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A DSPA fixed extinguishing system combines the unique technology of DSPA Aerosol generators with the high quality fire panels and accessories of Labour & Strauss (LST). Together we have developed a uniquely safe and reliable system that is tailor made our generators, can be used in many applications such as server rooms, Storage rooms, Archives etc. and is fully certified.

DSPA fixed extinguishing systems



DSPA Aerosol System design is volumetric in nature. Each installation is unique. Our highly trained engineers will design a complete system you which will include a combination of sensors, DSPA aerosol generators and other components. Smaller aerosol generators will be applied to minute and narrow compartments larger generators are applied in more extensive structures.

The quantity of DSPA Aerosol generators to be installed will be in compliance to the design quantity of our extinguishing agent: aerosol. Aerosol as an extinguishing agent is many times more effective then gaseous or other conventional extinguishing agents. Only a very small amount is needed to extinguish any kind of fire.

The combined Fire Detection/ Extinguishing Control Panel BC06-2EXT/INT11 is designed the monitoring and control of aerosol extinguishing systems according to EN15276-2.

Our basic panel can activate up to 4 DSPA Aerosol generators. This proprietary system is totally scalable and upgradable. When activated, this single upgraded system panel is now able to simultaneously actuate even the largest quantity of DSPA aerosol generators.


  • Expandable system small or big applications
  • 4 detector zones in conventional technology
  • Clear status indication and easy operation on the panel front
  • EN54, EN12094-1, VdS certified, EN15276-2 compliant


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