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HDMI 1.4 Standard Fixture Set


HDMI 1.4 Test Fixture set is used to measure HDMI Assembly. There are 2 Type-A Receptacle test fixtures, 1 Type-C Receptacle test fixture and a HDMI Calibration Kit in the set.

Type-D Receptacle test fixture is option user to select. These fixtures can be used to test parameters mentioned at HDMI 1.4 CTS as followings.

  (1).ID5-7: HDMI Cat1/2 Attenuation.
  (2).ID5-6: HDMI Cat1/2 Far End Crosstalk.
  (3).ID6-2: HDMI HEAC Attenuation.
  (4).ID5-8: HDMI Cat1/2 Cable Absolute and Transition Area Impedance.
  (5).ID5-5: HDMI Cat1/2 Inter Pair Skew.
  (6).ID5-4: HDMI Cat1/2 Intra Pair Skew.
  (7).ID6-3: HDMI HEAC Cable and Mated Area Impedance.
  (8).ID5-15: HDMI Utility Line Impedance.
  (9).ID6-3: HDMI HEAC Common Mode Impedance.
  (10).ID6-1: HDMI HEAC Intra Pair Skew.
In addition to these parameters listed above, users can to measure the Eye Diagram with the fixtures also by using TpNA Eye software. more details, please contact

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