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High Speed RF Probe
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High Speed RF Probe



  Cantilever Protrusion Tip

  • Individual cantilever nickel alloy tip planar and non-planar structure
  • Protrusion tip design reaching recessed pads surrounded by thick protection wall
  • Clear visibility of pointed tip and probe mark all signal and ground tips under microscope
  • Unique design of non-deming tip surface surpassing one million touch downs
  • Compatible with tip cleaning method typically used on epoxy ring DC probes
  • Pointed tip is penetrating pad surface oxide with 2 mils over travel to complete the contact with a flat interface, invariant with probing cycles

  Angle mount on standard microwave manipulator

  • Providing flexible angle mount to non-cardinal azimuths probing applications
  • Maximum flexibility RFIC/MMIC design and measurement

  Low loss broadband coaxial cable with MEMS transmission line

  • Low density PTFE of dielectric providing low insertion loss and stable impedance control
  • Unique design of low return loss of cable endings to provide excellent transition from coax to planar transmission line
  Coated mode suppression material

  • Absorbing material coated over coax cable reducing cross talk

  Electric permance

  • Characteristic impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Frequency range: DC ~ 67GHz
  • DC voltage: max.100V
  • DC current: max 1A
  • Contact resistance on Au: 0.05 Ohm
  • Return loss to 40GHz: max.18dB
  • Insertion loss to 40GHz: 0.75dB

  Mechanic permance

  • Cantilever needle material: Nickel alloy
  • Body: Aluminum alloy
  • Contact pressure at 2mils over travel: ~ 20g
  • Contact cycles: min. 1 Million touch downs
  • Ground and Signal alignment error: max.15um
  • Planarity: max. 15um
  • Scribing mark width: 30um
  • Connector: SMA, 2.92, 2.4, 1.85mm
  • Available pitch: 50um to 500um in 50um steps
  • Available configuration: GSG,GSGSG,GSSG, SG and GS
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