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USB3.0 CTS Standard Fixture Set (Mechanism Version)


USB3.0 cable test solution provides you with a fast and easy way to verify your USB3.0 cable to meet Compliance Test Specification. This solution integrates both precision test fixture and TpNA software tested with Network Analyzer (NA)and Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and let engineers see the interaction between time and frequency domain. The TpNA USB3.0 Engine can be easily used to control NA and TDR, following Compliance Test specification to test Insertion Loss , Near End Noise, Far End Noise, Impedance and Skew automatically. It also outputs an Excel report file immediately that enables engineers to get a complete, fast and accurate test result and thus allowing quickly troubleshooting and design improvements.

Test Parameters:

  • Insertion Loss:NA 100MHz~7.5GHz
  • Near End Noise (NEN): NA 100MHz~7.5GHz
  • Far End Noise (FEN): NA 100MHz~7.5GHz
  • SCD21 (Diff to Common): NA 100MHz~7.5GHz
  • Cable Impedance: TDR Tr=200ps (10%~90%)
  • Connector Impedance: TDR Tr=50ps (20%~80%)
  • Delay: TDR Tr=200ps
  • Intra-pair skew: TDR Tr=50ps, 15ps/m


  • Good Impedance match:100Ω +/- 5Ω
  • Short Trace Length: meet USB3.0 spec.
  • Fast Rise Time: Less than 50 ps.
  • Low Intra pair skew: +/- 2ps
  • Support both Type A and Type B
  • Integrate TpNA Test Software and Fixture

Standard USB3.0 cable test set:

ID Description Quantity Remark
1 USB3.0 Type A test fixture 2 USB3-AR03AM
2 USB3.0 Type B test fixture 2 USB3-BR03AM
3 USB3.0 Micro A/B test fixture 1 USB3-MR03AM
4 2X Calibration Kit 1 USB3-CK03BM
5 RG-223 SMA coaxial cable 8 Coax-30CM
6 SMA quick adaptor 10 SMA(F-QM)

Other Products:

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USB3.0 Option products:

  • USB3-AP01A: USB3.0 Type A plug test fixture
  • USB3-BP01A: USB3.0 Type B Plug test fixture.
  • USB3-MP01A: USB3.0 Type Micro A/B plug test fixture.
  • TpNA USB3.0 Software.

USB3.0 Other Pictures:

USB3.0 Cable Test Report:

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