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Flexia Definition HM Analogue (PAL) with 100x lens


Lightweight, mobile and highly flexible digital video microscope with High-Magnification capability. Can be equipped with zoom optics and extra bright built-in long-life LED illumination allowing inspection at large working distance. Provides excellent image quality, flexibility, digital image recording and documentation.


Mobile, Lightweight and highly Flexible Video Microscope intended general use in industry at large working distances. Equipped with extra powerful built-in ring light source. Creates high quality pictures at large magnifications on your PC, CRT- TFT- or TV Monitor


  • Inspection of machined parts and assemblies.
  • Micro cracks in aircraft parts, engines, turbine blades, etc.
  • Cutting edge tools and wear-out in CNC machines.
  • Stripping and assembly of cables.
  • Fibers in paper and textile industry.
  • Plastic parts and injection moulds.
  • Metals and welding examination.
  • Inspection and identification of pollen, insects, stones etc.
  • Documentation, digital image recording and archiving.
  • Software analysis and non-contact dimensional measurements

Included Items :

  • Flexia Definition Analogue HM including 100x objective lens
  • Macro zoom unit 10-100x Flexia HM with built-in ring light
  • Y-cable external monitors
  • Composite extension cable 1.5 m
  • Power supply
  • User’s manual

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