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Eagle Eye 3.5" LCD kit,
3.0m tube with 2x attachable battery units


Eagle Eye is an ergonomically designed handheld mobile video endoscope system. With its light weight, robust 4-direction articulating tungsten mesh 3m insertion tube, bright LED source illumination and large 3,5" colour LCD monitor with built-in DVR, it produces high resolution pictures and gives the user freedom and flexibility to inspect hidden objects.


Eagle Eye has a 3.0 meter slim and robust ø7.0mm tungsten mesh flexible insertion tube. Powered by 2 rechargeable battery packs that are easily attached to the bottom of the device. A digital media recorder & player is included in the delivery kit which gives option of recording video or still pictures PC down-load and documentation. stationary applications, like in production lines or other fix locations, Eagle Eye can be operated with a high resolution external monitor or be directly connected to computers via a video converter box. Eagle eye weighs only 1 800 grams including its rechargeble battery packs. The equipment can easily be carried to the inspection site with just a shoulder strap.


  • Inspection of machined parts pipes and tubes
  • Die casts and injection molds - automotive, aviation
  • Engines, gear boxes, turbine blades
  • Welding examination
  • Petrochemical and power plants
  • Constructions
  • Digital Image/video recording and documentation
  • Inmation exchange and easy reporting

Included Items :

  • Flexible video endoscope unit with 100° tip angle, all directions
  • Built-in Digital media recoder and player
  • 2 pcs rechargable battery units
  • Battery charger
  • Working distance and magnification setting tool
  • Heavy duty transport case
  • User’s manual

Sample Video

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