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Optilia Digital BGA Inspection System,
Exclusive, ESD-protected


A highly flexible digital video microscope with ultra small side viewing BGA zoom lens. Produces high-resolution images visual inspection and digital image recording of BGA, mBGA, CSP and Flip-Chip packages as well as other type of components on printed circuit boards.


Flexia BGA Produces high-resolution digital pictures with excellent colours and detail definition. It creates sharp images of solder balls under BGA packages 25 mm into the grid and down to 50 µm component Stand off.

Flexia BGA is designed according to the requirements of electronics manufacturers regarding flexibility, image quality and time and cost effectiveness. Flexia BGA is ESD-protected and EPA approved according to EN and IEC standards.


  • Visual inspection of BGA, mBGA, CSP and Flip-Chip solder joints
  • Solder joint of SMT and through-hole components
  • Assembled PCBs
  • Pads
  • Solder paste and flux mixtures
  • Cuts and scores
  • Digital Image Recording
  • Software Analysis
  • Non-contact Dimensional Measurements
  • Documentation and Archiving
  • Real time presentation

Included Items :

  • Flexia Definition HM Digital ESD including 100x Objective lens
  • Side Viewing BGA lens with Small Size 90° optical head
  • Low Aperture 90° Optical Head BGA lens
  • 1-100x varifocal lens with built-in LED ringlight
  • RingLight White LED 100x Objective
  • BGA Background Illumination, Attachable
  • Focusing Stand, Coarse/fine movement, ESD-protected
  • Precision XY-Translation Board, 25x25mm travel, incl. 2x Quick feed micrometer screws. ESD-Protected
  • OptiPix Full, image view, capture and measurement software incl. Calibration micrometer scale BGA
  • Annual service and support Optipix (1 year)
  • Brush Light, White LED with Dimmer and DC-adapter
  • Stand Brush Light
  • Installation CD, User’s manual

Sample Video

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