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TDR BladeProbe
Innovative TDR Handheld Probe Solutions

Key benefits :

  • Probe-tip Calibration : Agilent TDR normalization
  • High Bandwidth : Up to 18 GHz
  • High Repeatability: No moving parts
  • Ruggedness : Strong enough hand probing
  • Low Cost : Fractional cost of competition


The patent-pending BladeProbesTM are designed high bandwidth passive testing and TDR measurements.
To achieve high permance, BladeProbesTM do not have moving parts or pogo pins.
The fixed spacing between ground and signal pins provides highly reliable and repeatable data measurements.

The BladeProbeTM tips are made from strong beryllium copper blades handheld and probe station probing.
The passive probe is used to measure impedance, clock jitters, and skews.
The BladeProbeTM series can be connected to TDR, high permance scopes, and vector network analyzers.

Superior Probe Usability

  • Rugged, ergonomic design allows easy TDR measurements by hand.
  • Slim body with the extended tips provides good visibility of the target.
  • Hardened tips ensure many touchdowns. Their small diameter and chamfered design make good contacts even on small pads or traces.
  • Fixed probe pitch accurate, repeatable measurements.

Electrical Specifications

  • Nominal Length with Cable : 1 meter
  • Attenuation : 1x
  • Probe-only Bandwidth : 18 GHz
  • Probe Pitch : 1 mm/0.8 mm/0.6 mm/0.4 mm
  • Connector Type : SMA
  • Reflected TDR Rise Time : < 20 ps
  • Impedance : 50 Ω odd mode, 100 Ω differential mode
  • Max Vin : 5.0 V
  • Probe-only Propagation Delay : typically < 1.0 ns

Mechanical Specifications

  • Length : 142 mm/5.6 in
  • Width : 33 mm/1.3 in
  • Height : 12.7 mm/0.5 in
  • Weight : 94 grams/3.3 oz
  • Connector : SMA
* Specifications are subject to change

BladeProbe Measured Results

Blade Differential Probe (BDP) is designed to withstand manufacturing environments.
Its accuracy is equivalent to that of a wafer probe, which is illustrated in the chart below an 11.25” PCB trace of 100 Ω impedance.

TDR measurements of BladeProbe and wafer probe

Calibration Solution TDR Probes

PacketMicro provides a calibration substrate with short and load standards TDR calibrations.
This substrate enables a user to move the measurement reference point directly to the probe tips.
In addition, the calibration can eliminate probe contact inductance short trace measurement.
This calibration is a must Agilent TDR bee perming TDR measurement.
This substrate standard also provides crucial impedance references to avoid measurement discrepancies among different groups in design and manufacturing.

TDR Calibration/Validation TCS10 Substrate

BladeProbe with TCS10 Calibration Substrate

BladeProbe Part No. Inmation

Differential probes with 2-pin SS configuration :
  • TDP10204 - 0.4 mm/16 mil probe pitch
  • TDP10205 - 0.5 mm/20 mil probe pitch
  • TDP10208 - 0.8 mm/32 mil probe pitch
  • TDP10210 - 1.0 mm/40 mil probe pitch
Differential probes with 4-pin GSSG configuration :
  • TDP10404 - 0.4 mm/16 mil probe pitch
  • TDP10405 - 0.5 mm/20 mil probe pitch
  • TDP10408 - 0.8 mm/32 mil probe pitch
  • TDP10410 - 1.0 mm/40 mil probe pitch

Available Accessories

  • Calibration Substrate TCS10
  • 3D (xyz) stage plus flex-arm Flex Positioner TP100
  • 4D (xyzθ) Versatile Positioner TP200
  • 4D (xyzθ) Precision Positioner TP300
  • Adjustable PCB Holder PH100
  • Stackable Probing Bridge PB100
  • High permance TDR cables

PacketMicro Positioners with BladeProbe

  • Flex Positioner TP100 can hold both scope probes and TDR probes
  • Versatile Positioner TP200 has separate holders to hold scope/TDR probe and micro probes
  • Precision Positioner TP300 holds micro probes only
  • All 3 positioners have magnetic bases to attach to a metal base or plate stable PCB testing.

PacketMicro Probe Positioners on Probing Bridge

TDR Probing System

PS400 is a complete bench-top TDR probing system large printed circuit boards.
It includes one TDR probe, one calibration substrate, one TP200 Probe Positioner, a probe bridge, and four PCB holders.
PS400 can accommodate PCB sizes up to 20” in width. Customers can order longer bridges larger PCB’s.

PS400 TDR Probing System

About PacketMicro, Inc.

PacketMicro, based in Silicon Valley, provides a wide-range of high-speed probing solutions and offers world-class signal integrity design services.
In addition, PacketMicro offers one-stop engineering services in the areas of wireless sensor networks, radio frequency identification (RFID), high-speed FPGA, and software development.

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