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CNA500-10 (500V, 10A)
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Transistor Curve Tracer


The model CNA500-10 is a digitized analog device all-purpose curve tracer with LCD display. The instrument provides digital storage function and can display and measure the characteristics and parameters of transistors and three-terminal regulation integrated circuits and comprehensively measure the common permance parameters of analog operational amplifiers and comparators. It can visually display maximum undistorted output amplitude and complete the function of analysis, parameter selection, pairing and so on.

The transistor test section provides the measurement of DC parameter characteristics various types of devices such as diodes, transistors, FETs, VMOSes and so on.

The three-terminal regulator test section provides the measurement of static characteristics and load characteristic curves.

There are two test modes of the automatic and manual the test of linear integrated circuits. In automatic test mode, all parameters are tested in sequence. In manual test mode, the parameters selected by the user are tested. The test provides overload protection function. If the device under test is shorted, the overload indicator will light up to automatically protect the instrument and device under test. In the process of test, the output wavem can be displayed the monitor to the output distortion.

The instrument is equipped with a computer interface (USB).

Main specifications :

  • Linear integrated circuit test :

  • 1)Offset voltage (VIO): 0~60mV
    Accuracy: ±5% of reading+2 digits

    2)Offset current (IIO): 0~10μA
    Accuracy: ±5% of reading+2 digits

    3)Input bias current (IIB): 0~10μA
    Accuracy: ±5% of reading+2 digits

    4) Difference mode open-loop gain (AVD):
    60~99.9dB Accuracy: ±5% of reading+2 digits
    100~110dB Accuracy: ±7% of reading+2 digits

    5) Common mode rejection ratio (KCMR)
    60~99.9dB Accuracy: ±5% of reading+2 digits
    100~110dB Accuracy: ±7% of reading+2 digits

    6) Max output voltage (VCM): ±4~±24V
    Accuracy: ±7% of reading+2 digits

    7) Static consumed current (ICC): 0~20mA
    Accuracy: ±5% of reading+2 digits

  • Transistor test :

  • 1) Collector voltage: 0.05~50V/div Accuracy: ≤±3%

    2) Diode test voltage: 0~3000V Accuracy: ≤±5%

    3) Base voltage: 0.05~1V/div Accuracy: ≤±3%

    4) Collector current: 10μA~1A/div Accuracy: ≤±3%

    5) Collector leakage current: 0.2~5μA / div
    Accuracy: ≤±3% ~±10%

    6) Step voltage: 0.05~1V/step Accuracy: ≤±3%

    7) Step current: 0.2μA ~ 50mA/step
    Accuracy: ≤±5% ~±7%

    8)ΔUB: ≥±8V

    9) Power consumption restriction resistance: 0~500kΩ
    Accuracy: ≤±10%

  • General :

  • Power Apparent power: max 80VA
    Dimensions: 300B×360H×530D mm
    Weight: 19 kg

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