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CNA1000-100 (1000V, 100A)
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Transistor Curve Tracer


The instrument is an updated digital measuring instrument adopting new circuit design which is overall con- trolled by the microprocessor to direct and perm data acquisition. display. print. storage. man-machine mutual inmation and so on. It features high integrativity. good reliability. friendly man-machine interface and both display

choices of Chinese and English. The measuring grades are displayed by the screen and various DC parameters of the devices under test are tested by the cursor. AII test results may be stored. printed and recalled at any time.

  • Comprehensive Storage Capability

  • Various characteristic curves of devices under test may be stored and recalled at any time. the conve- nience of comparison and pair matching. two clusters of characteristic curves can be displayed simultaneously.

  • Automatic Cursor Measurement

  • An automatic cursor measurement function is available displaying the test values. βand Gfs on the screen.

  • Wide Application Range

  • Maximum test current (Ic) and maximum test voltage (Vc) are up to 100 A and!000 V respectively. The step voltage (VB) contains a bias voltage of Δ VB ± 10V which. in addition to meeting test needs general two-lead and three-lead semiconductor devices. is specially applied to the test large power field-control devices such as VMOS and IGBT transistors.

  • Outstanding and Friendly Man-machine Operating Interface

  • The instrument uses an 8 inches color LCD display system with two choices of Chinese and English which offers great convenlences users'operating


  • Collector sweep signal :

  • Output voltage range and max current capability :
    0-10V 1OOA 0-50V 1OA
    0-200V 0.25A 0-1OOOV 0.05A

  • Collector sweep signal mode :

  • Auto:0.5S, 1S, 2S Manual:single
    Power consumption restriction resistance: 0-500kΩ, 12 positions in 1,2,5 sequence

  • Base step signal :

  • Step current (IB): 2μA /step - 1A/step, 18 steps in 1, 2, 5 sequence
    Step voltage (VB): 50mV/step - 2V/step, 5 steps in 1, 2, 5 sequence

  • Y axis deflection coefficient :

  • Collector current (lC): 10μA/div-10A/div,19 positions in 1,2,5 sequence

  • X axis deflection coenicient :

  • Collector voltage (VC): 50mV/div - IOOV/div. 1 1 positions in 1. 2. 5 sequence
    Base voltage (VB): 50mV/div - 2V/div. 6 positions in 1 . 2. 5 sequence

  • Screen display :

  • Venical Y: display A/div
    Horizonatal X: display V/div
    Step S: display A/step, V/step and step bias voltagec
    Conversion factor: β, GfS
    Sweep voltage: display the peak output percentage of sweep voltage
    Power consumption resistance: resistance value

  • Display system :

  • Display type: 8 inches color LCD
    Display resolution: 640 x 480
    Display contrast:adjustable

  • General Power :

  • Apparent power: max 400W
    Dimensions: 325B x 395H x 630D mm
    Weight: 28 kg

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